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Programs and Services

We offer numerous programs and services designed to promote mind-body-spirit healing for cancer patients, survivors, and loved ones. We understand that a diagnosis of breast cancer reaches beyond the patient to the entire family, and that breast cancer is as much an emotional disease, as it is a physical one.

Our programs are created based on the needs of the people we serve, and include creative programs, educational workshops and Just for Me. A listing of these programs and services can be found by clicking here.

Creative programs help promote healing through artistic expression and include such classes as healing arts, therapeutic writing, and horticultural therapy. Educational workshops are designed to promote good health and reduce the risk of recurrence through nutrition and exercise classes. And, the Just for Me program is the lighter side of the Foundation and encourages breast cancer patients and survivors to recapture their inner beauty through empowerment seminars, fashion and beauty classes and spa services. Finally, Gidget’s Corner is a program in memory of Gidget Mulcahey, who lost her battle to breast cancer. The activities provided under this program are intended for the children of breast cancer patients, who often have to take a back seat to the cancer monster. Registration is required for some programs, while others are “drop in.” If you have questions regarding the programs being offered or ideas for new programs, please contact us at info@gloriagemma.org or call 401-861-HERO (4376).

our mission

To raise breast cancer awareness, increase breast health education, enhance the quality of life for breast cancer patients, as well as their families and friends, and generate funding for local breast health programs