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Lotsa Helping Hands

Address: 34 Washington Street, Suite 310
Phone: 978-823-1636
Languages Spoken: english
Wheel Chair Accessible: Y

What Can I Do To Help?
It’s the question everyone asks in a crisis—but often, people don’t know how best to answer it, or even how to get started. Lotsa Helping Hands provides an answer.
Create a free, private Community web site to organize family and friends during times of need. Use the calendar in your private Community to match volunteers to needed tasks. Send announcements to keep everyone up to date. Tap into resources from leading caregiver and health organizations.

Coordinate Caregiving With A Community

If you’re a caregiver who’s feeling overwhelmed, know someone experiencing a difficult time, or are simply working with others in your community, we provide a way to turn heartfelt intentions into acts of good that truly help. Lotsa Helping Hands brings:

•Peace of mind for a family in crisis

•Respite for caregivers

•An efficient solution for eager friends and family

 Lotsa Helping Hands is always free. Community web sites are always private and simple to use.