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Joyful Cooking

Languages Spoken: english

Code: GG0305

Price: $21.95

In Joy's new kitchen resource, this unique cookbook for both young and old, not only provides over 100 recipies for health conscious cooks, but also contains groundbreaking new information in eight easy to read chapters on the nutritional balancing program: a total healing system designed to restore and balance the body and the mind.  This impressive new volume contains: newly designed charts, a removable shopping list, sidebars all in an attractive new easily accesible format, expanded appendicies, chapter on weight loss, expanded recipie sections, easy to follow Recipie Locator, new information on nutritional balancing, five day menu for slow and fast oxidation shown in at-a-glance chart format, information on supplements, information for expecting mothers and dads too, natural baby formulas, and simple recipies that require little prep time.  This essential guide for living with a sensible nutrient rich diet, individualized for your body type, allows you to eat foods that seem like a major indulgence - you will be surprised by what she offers.  With possibilities ranging from lamb stew to pumpkin pie, and roasted vegetables to delicious mineral rich soups, you'll barely notice you've started a regimen that can optomize your health, your weight, and your total well-being.  And Joy even includes strategies that will help any parent incorporate better health for the whole family.  Kids of all ages can benefit from the healthy eating guidance offered in her chapter on healthy children and recipies dedicated to children ensuring that they are getting a nutritious diet.  These ingredients used to balance, restore, and heal, are for all individuals, both young and old, in pursuit of good health.