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Address: 705 Elmwood Avenue
Hours of Operation: Weekdays
Phone: (401) 461-9760 or 1-800-479-6902
Languages Spoken: english


Non-Emergency Medical Appointments – Seniors are eligible for trips to/from general medical appointments. People with disabilities as well as seniors are eligible for on-going special medical treatments such as radiation or physical therapy. General medical trips for seniors are available only during certain hours on weekdays. Special medical trip availability varies by city. Please call RIde for eligible times by city or for specific information regarding medical trips. There are no medical trips on weekends or holidays.

Individuals must call RIde directly at least 7 days in advance of the trip date. Space is limited and on a first-call, first-served basis.

Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation - RIde provides some Medicaid-eligible medical trips. People enrolled in Medicaid should contact the Medicaid Transportation Line at (401) 784-3899 for details and approvals. The Medicaid agency sends reservations to RIde; individuals cannot call RIde directly for this service.



For more information please see the website or call.