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Humor After the Tumor

Languages Spoken: english

Humor After the Tumor

Patty Gelman invites you to join her in a year-long journey through "Cancer World"

Through e-mails, telephone lifelines, support groups and other means, breast cancer survivors have banded together to battle the disease, which strikes more than 1,250 Western New York women each year.

Patty Gelman is an example of one of the many courageous breast cancer survivors in our midst. After her diagnosis in early 2002, she began writing e-mails to family and friends as a way to share her progress, while venting her own fears and insights about the disease.

This telling book is a culmination of that year-long process of recovery. Her e-mails tell the human side of her roller-coaster ride through diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to attack her breast cancer. They're filled with honesty, laughs, insights into the treatment and drug therapy decisions she faced, and self-deprecating jabs at herself, and the physical side effects of her treatment.

With humorous illustrations by Leslie Zemsky to accompany readers on their journey through Patty's world, the book provides an inspiring, humorous and emotional look at the human side of breast cancer. A must-read not only for those affected by cancer, but for anyone seeking a fresh perspective on the importance of the human spirit in getting through any of life's greatest challenges.