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Crossroads of Rhode Island

Address: 160 Broad Street,
Phone: (401) 521-2255
Languages Spoken: english

Crossroads Rhode Island, formerly Travelers Aid of Rhode Island, is the largest homeless services organization in the state. We provide assistance 24-hours a day, seven days a week, for a broad spectrum of Rhode Islanders.

We work to solve both the immediate and long-term needs of people in desperate situations, and we are committed to preserving individual dignity and respect for all people, at all times.

For years, as Travelers Aid, we were located at 177 Union Street in downtown Providence, but in August 2004 the organization moved a short distance to the former YMCA building at 160 Broad Street (you can browse news stories of our days as Travelers Aid by going to our news section and clicking on the News Archive link). This move was made possible thanks to the generous support from people throughout the state of Rhode Island. It marked the beginning of a new era, one in which we believe it will be possible to provide greater assistance to the growing number of people who suffer from homelessness. To do so will require an expanded commitment from caring Rhode Islanders, those who share the vision of defeating the scourge of homelessness that so devastates people in need.