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Cancer 411

Address: 15303 Ventura Blvd
Phone: 877-CANCR411
Languages Spoken: english

Cancer is the result of the combined efforts of two organizations, The Rory Foundation, and The Joyce Foundation. The mission of Cancer 411 is to put cancer patients, their families and doctors in touch with the critical information they need as quickly as possible.

The Rory Foundation was formed in honor of Rory Leifer, who fought courageously against cancer for 19 years of her life - finally succumbing to it in 1996, after undergoing and trying chemotherapy and surgery, as well as alternative treatments. During her life, both Rory and her husband, Alfred B. Leifer, had an extremely difficult time finding comprehensive and easily-understandable statistical evaluations for various cancer treatments whether they be conventional, alternative or complementary methods.

Thus, it was Rory's determined, caring and hopeful vision that planted the seed to create for the public a non-profit foundation, which would provide much-needed information and resources to those with cancer and their families, as well as doctors and healthcare practitioners. Thereby, Al joined together with Marcia B. Leventhal, Ph.D. to form the Rory Foundation.

The Joyce Foundation was established in the memory of a truly remarkable woman - Joyce Kramer - whose fight with cancer ended in December of 1996. During the course of her illness, she - like virtually all cancer sufferers - put her faith and trust in her oncologists. Unfortunately, medical doctors must spend countless hours treating patients, and simply cannot be expected to be aware of every drug, every clinical trial, every form of treatment available everywhere in the world.

As Joyce's condition worsened, and the treatments she received continued to fail, her doctors were asked if there were any other possibilities, such as new drugs or clinical trials she could try. They were all outstanding doctors, and made an attempt to help us, but they were unaware of anything that might work. The frustrating and ultimately unsuccessful search for alternative treatments that followed became the impetus for The Joyce Foundation.

Together, our goal is to see to it that cancer patients no longer have to suffer and die due only to the lack of knowledge of help that is readily available.