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Fighting Chance

Address: 41 Main Street
Phone: 631.725.4646
Languages Spoken: english
  • Fighting Chance is the first free-of-charge cancer counseling and resource center of its kind established on the East End of Long Island, New York.  They are independent from any hospital and funded solely by charitable contributions, providing patients and their caregivers a better chance- a fighting chance - to beat cancer by helping them to take informed action.  Free access to hard hard-to-find resources and professional counseling is available from the time of diagnosis through treatment and survivorship.
  • What makes Fighting Chance distinctive is the comprehensive range of services, free of charge, to the five towns of the East End.  Professional counseling is available in one-on-one sessions, in support groups and via email.  Patient navigation of the health care system is provided by a dedicated staff member and a unique, 75 page guide to local cancer care resources, Coping with Cancer on the East End, is updated annually.
  • Each year, Fighting Chance also hosts a symposium, Day of Hope, for the community to hear first-hand from luminaries about the latest cancer treatments. 
  • Duncan Darrow founded Fighting Chance in 2002 as a result of his mother's battle with lung cancer and his role as caregiver.  The demands of daily living required managing not only physical and emotional burdens but intellectual ones too.  Navigating the health system and negotiating  the logistics of treatment- especially in a rural setting - they’re daunting.  Out of the Darrow family's experience has come a way to help others who are fighting cancer.