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Here and Now: Inspiring Stories of Cancer Survivors

Languages Spoken: english
Facing cancer is a life-changing event, one that prompts soul-searching and a reevaluation of all that one holds to be true. In the years following their own cancer treatments, authors Elena Dorfman and Heidi Schultz Adams were left wondering, What difference has cancer made in other people's lives? What does it mean to survive a life-threatening illness? In Here and Now, Dorfman and Adams offer photographic portraits and personal stories of 38 people-of all ages and from all walks of life-who have confronted cancer at some point in their lives. Their stories explore both the universal questions raised by a cancer diagnosis, and how their unique answers to those questions shaped each survivor into who they are today. Here and Now is a beautiful volume that will provide comfort and insight to everyone from the recently diagnosed to the 20-year survivor, eloquently demonstrating how seemingly insurmountable adversity can bring forth surprising courage and strength, both in us and those around us.

"Here and Now will inspire the many people with a history of cancer. Heidi and Elena have captured crucial issues that affect the psychosocial, physical and emotional aspects of a cancer diagnosis, and more importantly, survival."
--Lance Armstrong, founder of the Lance Armstrong Foundation

"Here and Now provides a rare glimpse into life after cancer. With raw intimacy, thirty-eight survivors tell their stories and how they made sense of their cancer experiences. These oral histories make you think. Elena Dorfman and Heidi Schultz Adams have made an important contribution." --Wendy S. Harpham, M.D., author of After Cancer: A Guide to Your New Life
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