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Andre Center

Address: 1640 E. 16th Avenue
DENVER, CO. 80218
Phone: 303-388-2441
Languages Spoken: english


Guide and support breast cancer patients through the complex health care system and assist them in making informed healthcare decisions by providing objective and credible educational resources regarding treatment choices.


Improve timely access to care for breast cancer patients and promote patient/provider relationships based on trust and informed decision-making.


Provide a supportive community service for breast cancer patients and their families through the provision of credible information, navigation and access to needed resources for the best clinical and psychological outcomes.


Patient navigation services are an essential component of the communication and coordination that is needed to achieve optimal outcomes in our complex health care system. The following is an overview of how we can reduce or eliminate the barriers to care that patients and their families can face:

  • Decrease fear and anxiety that impair our ability to understand unfamiliar information
  • Identify what questions to ask, and who questions should be directed to
  • Assist with organizing and understanding the vast amount of information and choices that pertain to a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Assist the treatment team and patient in coordinating and prioritizing the multitude of physicians and tests that are generally a part of treatment decisions
  • Assist patients with access to educational and other needed resources

What happens within the first few days and weeks of diagnosis is critical in setting the stage for emotional well-being during treatment and integrating back into the home and work environment when treatment ends. As most women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive the disease, it becomes very important that we are ever mindful of the fear and anxiety that can be present far beyond the treatment phase and that we engage in establishing a system that supports both clinical and psychological health. We believe that in providing the best service possible to patients, we will also be supporting an efficient cost effective healthcare model.