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Men Against Breast Cancer

Address: PO Box 150
Phone: 866-547-MABC (6222)
Languages Spoken: english, spanish
In March of 1992 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is impossible to adequately describe the fear, the uncertainty, and the helplessness I felt when I heard the news. However, throughout my mom's battle against breast cancer, her strength and courage enabled us to cope with and survive this horrific ordeal. Today, my Mom remains cancer free!

Steve Peck and I co-founded Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC), the first national non-profit organization to provide targeted support services to educate and empower men to be effective caregivers when breast cancer strikes a female loved one; as well as, target and mobilize men to be active participants in the fight against breast cancer.

MABC recognizes breast cancer is a family issue that devastates the entire family. Our philosophy is to leverage the support of the whole family to help the patient, with special emphasis on the important role of the husband/partner in caring for the woman he loves. At the same time, MABC recognizes and supports that the ultimate decisions regarding treatment and care are those of the patient.

MABC Services:

  • Partners In Survival - Developed with one of the world's leading breast cancer research institutions, The Johns Hopkins Breast Center, this educational workshop enables MABC to reach a large audience of breast cancer patients and their husbands/partners. The workshop focuses on how breast cancer impacts individuals as well as the family unit. Specific emphasis is placed on helping men understand the physical and emotional needs of their female partners.
  • FOR THE WOMEN WE LOVE: A Breast Cancer Battle Plan and Caregivers Action Guide for Men - When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, men can be crucially helpful with treatment, recovery and dealing with a myriad of issues that are sure to arise. It is vital that the men in each of these women's lives move beyond their traditional roles and add new responsibilities of caregiver and nurturer.

    Every man will need information, advice, and support. To meet this need and offer men the assistance and tools they will require to successfully confront the challenges ahead, Men Against Breast Cancer is producing a guidebook for men. This handbook is a no-nonsense, highly-focused, essential manual for men who are serious about helping women recover from breast cancer. It will be invaluable in helping men develop needed skills and reach new heights of awareness and effectiveness, maximizing the potential to be both stronger men and more compassionate human beings.
  • National Mammography Program - This program will provide access to early detection and treatment for low-income, underserved and uninsured women.
  • - The MABC web site provides information about breast cancer including MABC support services and other breast cancer organizations and resources. MABC's Bulletin Board provides a forum for men and women to discuss the effects breast cancer has on their lives and share best practices and other advice.

Men must get involved in helping the women we love battle this disease. Our symbol, a pink and blue ribbon signifies the war against breast cancer is one that men and women must face together.