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National Society of Genetic Counselors

Address: 401 N. Michigan Avenue
CHICAGO, IL. 60611
Phone: 312-321-6834
Languages Spoken: english
Discover the genetic counseling profession and its guiding principles. We invite you to read our mission and vision, meet our officers, and learn about where we stand on issues we all face in genetics today.

NSGC Support

NSGC has the following support opportunities
  • Audrey Heimler Special Projects Award
    • The Audrey Heimler Special Projects Award (AHSPA) provides funding support to one or more genetic counselors for project(s) that focus on the future of the genetic counseling profession and/or the provision of genetic services. Projects will be reviewed on the basis of their merit and strength as well as on their vision of the future of the profession. Applicants must be members in good standing of NSGC.

  • Jane Engelberg Memorial Fund
    • The objectives of the JEMF are to promote the professional development of individual counselors and to improve the practice of genetic counseling by providing support for scholarly investigation of any aspect of the profession. Such investigation is essential as the profession responds to changes in genetics, health care, and the ethical, legal, and social dimensions of genetic medicine. It is critical, therefore, that any proposed project hold the prospect of significant impact beyond the personal interests or work setting of the applicant. The principal investigator of a JEMF proposal must be a genetic counselor who is a full member in good standing of the NSGC and is certified in genetic counseling by the American Board of Medical Genetics or the American Board of Genetic Counseling.
      • The JEMF is funded by the Engelberg Foundation, established in 1990,a charitable trust that supports a wide range of activities in the fields of health care, science, and education.
      • JEMF Advisory Board
      • Submit a JEMF Proposal

  • The Genetic Counseling Foundation
    • The GCF was founded by the National Society of Genetic Counselors in 2005 with the mission to serve as the catalyst for quality education and research; to enhance the value, availability and awareness of genetic information and counseling in the medical community and the public at large.