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Stylish Noggins

Languages Spoken: english

The Trauma Of Hair Lost

Significant or complete hair loss is one of the most traumatic experiences women, and children can face.
For women diagnosed with cancer, or Alopecia, "hair loss" ranks in the top three fears along with "death" and "feeling sick".
While everyone deals with hair loss differently, for many it can be a constant source of anxiety and depression. Feeling good about one's physical appearance, especially for women, is often connected with emotional and spiritual well-being and self-worth.

And that's where Stylish Noggins can help YOU.

The Stylish Solution

Stylish Noggins is about helping people feel better about themselves, especially those coping with cancer, chemotherapy, Alopecia, trichotillomania, or emotionally challenging diseases that directly impact or alter their physical appearance.

Stylish Noggins also features access to a full spectrum of customizable head wear, such as hats, caps, snoods, wraps, and more. We also provide consultation on basic make-up camouflage techniques.

•  Our Hats, Caps & Snoods, unlike others are not open at the back.

We also feature a wonderful children's hat selection that can be ordered with whimsical appliques like baseball, soccer, butterflies, flowers and many more.

Visit our Catalog to see all the exciting items we offer, including our latest custom made bracelets, broaches, and slides.