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Virtual Health & Wellness Expo
​Welcome to our Virtual 2020 Gloria Gemma Passport to Survivorship. Though we miss the opportunity to see all of you face to face, our goal is the same as it always is. We want to help you be as safe and as healthy as possible – whether you are in active or post treatment, a family member, caregiver or someone who is seeking knowledge about cancer. Our sessions will be presented as a series of virtual webinars.   Topics include plastic surgery, sexual intimacy, skin care, anesthesia, safe cancer treatment in a pandemic, neuropathy and coping with loss.  We hope you get answers to your questions and remember that we are always here for you.

Main Webinars

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Sexual Health and Intimacy after Cancer: Yes, you can. 

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Loss of sexual desire, or diminished, painful or absent sensations are common concerns after people are treated for cancer. It can be very confusing and embarrassing, especially if sex and intimacy used to come to you naturally. In this session, Dr. Dizon will take you through why cancer and its treatment can result in challenges to both intimacy and sexual satisfaction. He will also talk about effective strategies for managing the impact of treatment on arousal and sexual function. Learn about helpful resources as well as tools to regain your own sexual self-schema. 

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Safe Breast Cancer Treatment in a COVID Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we conduct our medical practices, we are not compromising the quality of care that is delivered to our breast cancer patients.  Breast cancer is a highly researched disease with many treatment options that allows for great flexibility in the safe management during a pandemic setting.  We continue to provide specialized multidisciplinary care in both the in- and out-patient setting, with uninterrupted connection to the highly specialized team of providers.  The ability to de-centralize care, provide intercommunication through both innovative methods as well as in person, and provide this in the communities where our patient lives and work has provided seamless care during this pandemic.  With continued safe access to medical care for our breast cancer patients, we strongly urge our patients to remain vigilant in their breast screening and overall health.

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Lifespan Connection Lab

Prevention and treatment of peripheral neuropathy from chemotherapy
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Mary Ann Fenton, MD Hematologist - Oncologist 

Dr. Fenton will review the incidence and cause of chemotherapy induced neuropathy. She will discuss who is at risk for peripheral neuropathy, and the prevention and treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

A Conversation about Lymphedema Risk Reduction
Carol DeCarvalho, Physical Therapist    

Physical therapist Carol DeCarvalho will talk about lymphedema risk reduction  practices; the 5 step lymphedema check and the tools available to help manage lymphedema.

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Waiting on Two Pink Lines
Mary Lopresti, DO Medical Oncology

Many young women today hold off on childbearing until their 30's for a variety of reasons.  However, if diagnosed with breast cancer and faced with possible chemotherapy treatment, fertility can now become a major concern. This talk focuses on the desire to start a family in the face of breast cancer and fertility options available.

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Building the Bosom
Rachel Sullivan, MD LPG Plastic Surgery Medical Oncology

Dr. Sullivan is a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs breast reconstruction after lumpectomy and mastectomy. She will be discussing and taking questions on the various types of breast reconstruction available to patients these days….“It is a challenging, exciting, and ever evolving field and it is my honor to play a part in helping patients through this very difficult time of their lives.”

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What your anesthesiologist can do for you
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Brenda Satterthwaite, MD Anesthesiologist

A discussion on the role of multimodal analgesia and regional nerve blockade to reduce peri-operative pain. One of patients most common fears when undergoing surgical procedures is the management of pain following surgery. Lifespan has a team of anesthesiologists that are trained in pain management and nerve blocks.

Wellness Spotlight

Nutrition: PlantiFull Health: Simple, quick ways to fill yourself for health
Sarah Marrotto, South County Health

Prepare a simple dish “Bija Bowls”, also known as “Chia Seed Pudding”. There will be a variety of three bowls. We will have supplies/ingredients (chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond milk, vanilla and maple syrup for the base – then we will have 3 variations, one being tropical fresh fruit & nuts, another chocolate/peanut butter; the third will likely be vanilla based)

4 Things About Skin Anyone Who's Had Cancer Treatments Needs to Hear
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Holly Brown, Looking & Feeling Fab, Inc.


Learn important information about how and why skin is affected, ways to protect yourself and why it’s a subject no one is talking about.

Let's Talk Cannabis
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Rob Salvatore, Thomas Slater Center

An introductory course on the different types of cannabis, and whether or not medical cannabis is right for you.

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Diane Lupo

Join Diane Lupo for a meditation for relaxation with positive manifistations.

Estate Planning
Joseph Marion, III, Adler, Pollock & Sheehan P.C.

Joseph R. Marion, III - Chair of Estate Planning with Adler, Pollock & Sheehan P.C. will discuss Estate Planning essentials for cancer patients and their families.

Social Security Disability Essentials
Donna Nesselbush, Marasco & Nesselbush LLP

How do you survive financially in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis and all that is needed for treatment?

Meditation "The Object of Beauty"
Swami Jnanamudrananda, The Temple of Kriya Yoga - Chicago

All forms of Pastoral and Metaphysical care.

Beauty Tips and Tricks with Melissa
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Melissa Bassano, Regal Productions

Melissa provides essential information about eyebrows, lashes and dressing for your body shape. 

"Love" by Roland
Roland Comtois

Internationally acclaimed spiritual Medium Roland Comtois has over 40 years of experience as an inspirational speaker, author, Reiki Master, metaphysical teacher, grief specialist and geriatric nurse.

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