Passport to Survivorship

Health & Wellness Expo


October 5, 2019   8am - 3pm
Scott Hamilton
Keynote Speaker


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EXPERIENCE YOUR WELLNESS at Passport to Survivorship--the premiere health and wellness expo in the region. This FREE event is open to cancer patients, survivors and the general public!
Join us on Saturday, October 5, 2019, from 8AM to 3PM, at the RI Convention Center
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Interactive Health Exhibits

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Register Onsite, Oct. 5th

Keynote Speaker - Scott Hamilton

Undefeated: How To Keep Fighting When The Worlds Says Quit

Narragansett Ballroom, 1:30 PM

We are proud to announce Scott Hamilton as the keynote speaker at the Passport to Survivorship Expo, on October 5, 2019.  Scott is a world renowned figure skater, humanitarian, author and a cancer survivor.

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Join Scott Hamilton at a Meet & Greet Luncheon at Passport

$45 | 12-1pm  |  Rotunda Room, RI Convention Center

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Morning Keynote Speaker - Ida Zecco

Wrapped in the Ribbon, Narragansett Ballroom, 10:00 AM

Ida is an International Recording Artist and one of New England's premier Caberet Artists.  This is an experience you do not want to miss.  From one survivor to another, Ida weaves an uplifting tale of survival through music, theater and standup comedy.

Scheduled Presenters

This year's Passport is packed with fantastic presenters and interactive exhibits, you won't want to miss!

8:45 AM
Cannabis & Cancer: Resource and Relief
Hannah Kirk, Director of Patient Outreach at Thomas Slater

Join the discussion on the therapeutic and rewarding relationship between cannabis and cancer in relationship to treatment, relief from chemotherapy side effects. Learn if cannabis can help you!

9:30 AM
Using Essential Oils in your Healthcare
Todd Hart, Join the Oil Guy

Join the Oil Guy for a Master Essential Oils Class. Walk away knowing the oils to avoid and the ones you can confidently use with your family. Samples oils will be used in the workshop.

9:00 AM
Liberty Fit
Eileen Liberty, Personal Trainer & Owner of Liberty Fit

Please join Eileen Liberty, for a full body workout you can perform absolutely anywhere that will work every body part without leaving you a sweaty mess.

10:00 AM
Nadi Shodhana
Dawn Penta, Chopra Center Certified Vedic Master

Balance your mind, body and spirit by learning Nadi Shodhana breathing technique and gentle stretching that can be done anywhere and at any time.

10:15 AM
Skin Is In!
Holly Brown, Oncology Esthetician and Executive Director of Feeling & Looking Fab, Inc.

Do you have residual side effects from cancer treatments on your skin, such as dryness, hyperpigmentation (discoloration) or itchiness? Even if you don’t have skin issues, this class will teach you how to take care of your skin, how to avoid harmful chemicals in skincare products and so much more! Every participant will also receive a goody bag filled with samples of healthy beauty products.

11:00 AM
Accessing Authentic Power
Katharine Rossi, Founder and Director of Fireseed: Center for Transformation

Power is a key component to a healthy life. Learn the various ways we source poer as we explore our relationship with power, where it resides and where it is missing. Connect, embrace and integrate authentic power into your life for increased energy, vitality and wellness (Class Length-40 minutes)

11:45 AM
Lymphedema and Physical Therapy”
Jason Harvey, MSPT & Co-owner of Elite Physical Therapy

A presentation on the anatomy of the lymphatic system, what lymphedema is, signs & symptoms to look for, ways to reduce the risk of developing, and what a physical therapy plan of care would entail.  Additionally there will be information on other side effects from breast cancer surgeries such as axillary web syndrome.

10:45 AM
When Harry Met Sally.... After Sally was Diagnosed with Cancer
Mary Anne Fenton, MD, Clinical Director, Breast Medical Oncology, Lifespan Cancer Institute

Join Dr. Fenton for an interactive discussion and examine quality of life effects of cancer therapies on sexual health of breast cancer survivors, and formulate a strategy to address sexual health concerns in breast cancer survivors, as well as identify effective interventions. 

11:30 AM
Find Your Weigh!  
Beth Rocchio, MD, Weight Loss Specialist and Founder of Medical Weight Loss

Find out how a simple sticky note can be your guide to losing weight and living your best life. Attend this class and gain a holistic tool for weight and wellness.

12:15 PM
Liberty Fit
Eileen Liberty, Personal Trainer & Owner of Liberty Fit

Please join Eileen Liberty, for a full body workout you can perform absolutely anywhere that will work every body part without leaving you a sweaty mess.

12:45 PM
Hormone Detoxification; How Well Are You Processing Estrogen?
Sally Davidson ANP, IFMCP, Functional Mind, LLC

Using a functional medicine approach, learn about  hormone production, sources of environmental hormones, how we metabolize and excrete hormones and how diet lifestyle and genetics can alter these pathways.  

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