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Passport to Survivorship

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Experiential Learning

Take an active role in your health and well-being through a variety of activities to help you understand your health, help you relax, help you feel centered, and encourage you to stay on the path to the healthiest version of you!
Mega Breast & Mega Colon

Did you know there is a direct correlation between breast and colon cancer? Take a self guided tour of the colon and breast. Get your questions answered.

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Studies show that meditation can have a positive effect on your health. Take 20 minutes to experience the healing power of a guided meditation with Swami J.

Spa Room

Enjoy a relaxing mini spa service

Sound Healing

Sound Healing can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease. Take a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful healing of Sound Healing with Loren Correia

Ask the Medical Professional?

Medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, radiation technicians and other medical professionals will be on hand to answer your medical questions.

Closing Ceremony

You don’t want to miss the closing ceremony! Attendees will be the first to know what the Gloria Gemma Foundation has in store for 2024. 

One lucky attendee at the closing ceremony will win a fabulous prize!


Set your health intention by breaking a board with

Mastery Martial Arts

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