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Passport to Survivorship

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30 Minute Informational Sessions

Informational Sessions

Moving Through Mammo Time with More Ease & Peace

We have all experienced the butterflies in our stomachs anticipating an upcoming test. Rev. Jeannette Bessinger will share practices & tips for staying grounded at recurrence screenings.

How Rehab Can Help You Thrive During and After Breast Cancer

Rehab is so much more than lymphedema treatment!  Although the latest research on advances of how to recognize and treat lymphedema will be presented, the majority of this session is focuses on other impairments where rehab can help, like axillary cording, range of motion restrictions, chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and much more. Learning session led by Mindy Allaire, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, LSVT BIG.

Navigating through Medical Bills and Finances During Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer can be emotionally traumatic and financially devastating. Triage Cancer will provide practical tips to manage medical bills! We’ll also cover how to appeal medical bills, find financial assistance, and important terms to know when seeking help.

Strategies for Eating and Living Well

You’ve probably had plenty of advice on “eat this not that” for improved health. Have you tried to make those diet changes only to find they didn’t stick? This learning session will help you find ways to put the information you know into action by gaining insights into what it takes to change your behavior and make different choices, building awareness of barriers that stop us from making changes, and learning actionable strategies and tips to overcome the barriers. Learning session is led by Laurie Rosa, BSN RI OCN CBCN​

A Product for Each Purpose: Pairing the Right Cannabis Product for a Specific Consumption Goal

The ever-increasing variety of product offerings available in legal cannabis markets can be overwhelming for consumers.  Choosing a product based on its THC or CBD content alone often misses the mark. In this introductory level session, we will discuss the basic ingredients that drive the medicinal benefits and mood effects that are most sought by adult consumers on the legal market. Identifying certain key ingredients in the products themselves is the best way to find the ideal product to meet your specific needs. 

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